Mid year update

I’ve not posted on here for a while but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been working away on challenges.

So here is an update – for my benefit because I’m fairly certain no one else reads this.

Drumming – lessons with George are weekly and very enjoyable. I try to practice in the spare room as often as I can, but find myself inhibited by the lovely neighbours – ‘we heard you drumming yesterday Kate, sounds really good’ oh dear – for certain sure I know it doesn’t sound good. But I’m enjoying it so much! I just wait for them to go out!

Pottery – I’m on my third session of pottery – I’m getting better results – as you might expect – and I’m much happier with what I’m making. I spend a lot of time on the wheel because I want to learn how to throw pots of a consistent size. Not happened yet, but there is progress!

Healthy life – oh dear. This one is not going so well, but largely due to my left foot. Consultant appointments are depressing – they just want to do surgery and I don’t – I’ve reached a bit of an impasse with this one. But Eric’s challenge is coming up soon – ten mile walk along the Sefton Coastal Path later this month.

The ‘juice for 60 days’ has begun with a five day juice fast. It’s easier to do this in the spring/summer when the produce is cheaper in the shops or I can grow it.

The writing is going on in the background – not poetry so much as little prose pieces – observations – all written on my typewriter! Really enjoying that!

I finished everything that was half made. I can say with hand on heart that there is nothing unfinished lurking in a bag, drawer, box whatever. That feels good!

The bee club have monthly meetings at the apiary in Wylam. Not made one of these yet due to other stuff getting in the way.

I got hens! Very happy with my hens. I’ve also got a borrowed incubator with Indian runner duck eggs in – due out in about a week – fingers crossed!!!

That’ll do for now.





One thought on “Mid year update

  1. Embracing life with open arms and filling it to the brim with fresh activities……from drums to hens ……from pottery to prose…..and still having time for other people – as you do – can only raise a cheer from any of us, not least for phenomenal energy. Keep going sixty times around the sun! xxx


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