I’ve kept hens for many years, but in the last five, they have been absent from my life. Time to remedy that with these girls – seven point of lay pullets, though to be honest, some of them a quite a bit older than that. Named, naturally, after minor characters in Harry Potter. Humour me here – Molly, Minerva, Luna, Padma and Parvati, Ginny and Madam Pomfrey. It makes me very happy to have a hen called Madam Pomfrey.

They lay lovely eggs, sometimes in the nest box even! I like them very much.

The cats largely leave them alone, but the hens are freaked out by the cats. It’s very entertaining!


End of Year Edit

The hens have been a huge success!

And I have a pair of Indian Runner ducks too – Marcel and Penguin. If I thought hens were entertaining – well – they are dull compared with the antics of these two – they make me laugh out loud!




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